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A RIPE Atlas View of Internet Meddling in Turkey
A RIPE Atlas View of Internet Meddling in Turkey
Emile Aben — 31 Mar 2014

In RIPE Atlas we see latencies to Google's DNS resolver service drop in Turkey. We expect this is due to hijacking of the service. Our measurements show a timeline of these events. Note that even when the Twitter ban had been lifted, RIPE Atlas still saw fake DNS service active in Turkey. In the evening of 7 April the situation returned to normal.… Read more

An Updated DNS Monitoring Service
An Updated DNS Monitoring Service
Fatemah Mafi — 18 Mar 2014

Since 2003, the RIPE NCC’s DNS Monitoring Service (DNSMON), has been providing a comprehensive, objective, and up-to-date overview on the quality of the service offered by TLD and other DNS operators. Due to technical advancements and in line with our aim to provide consolidated services, we are introducing a new DNSMON, currently running in parallel with the existing, "old" one.… Read more

RIPE Database Joins Single Sign-On Club
Denis Walker — 06 Mar 2014

With RIPE NCC Access, our single sign-on service - you log in once and can access many RIPE NCC services. Now, with the new RIPE Database release, you can update your data in the RIPE Database using this single sign-on service. This is part of the RIPE NCC's work to make the RIPE Database easier to use. … Read more