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RIPE Atlas Value Proposition
Suzanne Taylor — 24 Oct 2014

During its meeting in September, the RIPE NCC presented the RIPE NCC Executive Board with a value proposition document detailing the value that RIPE Atlas can bring to network operators, researchers and the Internet community as a whole. The board asked the RIPE NCC to publish this document, which we have done here. We also plan to incorporate much of its content into the RIPE Atlas website so that RIPE Atlas users can clearly understand the different ways this global Internet measurement network can be used and the many unique benefits it provides.… Read more

Building The Next Generation RIS Route Collectors
Building The Next Generation RIS Route Collectors
Wouter Miltenburg — 20 Oct 2014

This is the second part of a research project investigating the possible replacement of the current Remote Route Collectors (RRC) used for the Routing Information Services (RIS). In the second phase we developed a prototype based on the requirements determined in the first phase. Both parts of this research project were done as part of my bachelor thesis at the Hogeschool van Amsterdam (HvA).… Read more

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Data Acquisition Networks for Large Experiments
Data Acquisition Networks for Large Experiments
Grzegorz Jereczek — 16 Oct 2014

The ATLAS, CMS, ALICE and LHCb particle detectors are designed to study particle collisions at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) at CERN. Those as well as other existing and emerging large-scale experiments produce increasingly high volumes of data. Their source can be a wide variety of instruments, including sensors, detectors, antennas or telescopes. Although characteristics and goals of these experiments vary, they share a common challenge for real-time filtering, storage and analysis of the acquired data. One of the key components of this chain is a network, called the data acquisition network (DAQ).… Read more

Propagation of Longer-than-/24 IPv4 Prefixes
Emile Aben — 02 Oct 2014

Under ARIN's Number Resource Policy Manual (NRPM) Section 4.10, the IPv4 address block 23.128/10 is reserved for allocations and assignments dedicated to facilitate IPv6 deployment. The maximum allocation size is a /24; the minimum allocation size is a /28. There has been much discussion on the NANOG mailing list about the usability/routability of prefixes longer than a /24. In order to try to provide some additional data on this topic, the RIPE NCC has requested a small block of address space from the reserved /10 to test these types of prefixes.… Read more

RIPE Community Impressions of IGF 2014
Chris Buckridge — 23 Sep 2014

The ninth annual Internet Governance Forum (IGF) ran from 1-5 September in Istanbul, Turkey, attracting nearly 2,500 participants on-site and more than 1,000 online to participate in wide-ranging Internet governance discussions. As part of ongoing efforts to ensure a strong technical community voice in IGF discussions, the RIPE NCC funded the participation of several key community members from across the service region. This article brings together some of their impressions and feedback from the event.… Read more

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New Terms and Conditions as RIPE Atlas Becomes Production Service
New Terms and Conditions as RIPE Atlas Becomes Production Service
Vesna Manojlovic — 15 Sep 2014

RIPE Atlas is transitioning from a pilot project to a production service. As such, we want to clarify the terms and conditions that describe the use of the service and spell out both the user's and the RIPE NCC's obligations. Here we present a draft of these terms and ask for feedback, as we want to ensure we keep the community involved in every step of the process.… Read more