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Introducing the RIPE NCC Roadmap
Introducing the RIPE NCC Roadmap
Mirjam Kühne — 22 Apr 2013

We often get asked about the status of our different services and projects, and while we frequently publish updates on RIPE Labs, we now have a new tool that makes it easier to stay informed. We're happy to announce the RIPE NCC Roadmap, where you can get an overview of all the latest developments and future plans for these services in one place. This prototype, which is hosted on RIPE Labs, will be further developed as we receive your feedback, so please let us know what you think!… Read more

Presenting Object Metadata in the RIPE Database: Object Tags
Kaveh Ranjbar — 17 Apr 2013

In addition to the actual data presented in a RIPE Database object, there is additional data, not directly related to the information contained within an object but still valuable from an operational point of view. The RIPE NCC is proposing a method to optionally display this metadata alongside the actual object. This will make maintenance of objects easier and will improve the overall quality of data in the RIPE Database.… Read more

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Proposal to Display History of Objects in the RIPE Database
Kaveh Ranjbar — 27 Mar 2013

Objects are created in the RIPE Database and are updated regularly by their maintainers. However, at the moment there is no mechanism to see the history of changes to an object. There are many cases where RIPE Databases users want to investigate the history of changes to an object. We would like to propose building this functionality in the RIPE Database.… Read more

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RIPEstat March 2013 Update
RIPEstat March 2013 Update
Suzanne Taylor — 06 Mar 2013

Many new features and improved functionality have been made available in RIPEstat since the last update. We're excited to announce that users can now retrieve Internet number resource-related information by querying for hostnames and countries in RIPEstat. There are also five new widgets: Country Routing Statistics, Abuse Contact Finder, Forward DNS, DNS Chain, and RIPE Atlas Measurement Targets. In addition, we have created a new site tailored specifically for mobile users, and we released a new Apple mobile app. … Read more

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