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Researching Next Generation RIS Route Collectors
Researching Next Generation RIS Route Collectors
Wouter Miltenburg — 21 Jul 2014

This project was initiated to research, develop and deploy a prototype that could potentially replace the current Remote Route Collectors (RRCs) and which invokes less delay. It was a graduation project for my bachelor thesis at the HvA (Hogeschool van Amsterdam). This article outlines the possible solutions that we found and examined during the research stage of this project. It also describes a proposal to create a prototype, based on the chosen solution.… Read more

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Revising the RIPE Database Documentation
Fatemah Mafi — 15 Jul 2014

The RIPE NCC is currently revising the RIPE Database documentation as requested by the community at recent RIPE Meetings. The goal is to produce one complete and accurate set of documentation that fully describes all aspects of the RIPE Database. The documentation will be a collection of small documents that will be published as soon as they become available. Over the coming months, you can expect to see a steady supply of these new documents. The current documentation will be available until the new set is complete.… Read more

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RIPE NCC Training Survey Results
RIPE NCC Training Survey Results
Sandra Brás — 01 Jul 2014

At the beginning of each year and after each course we send a survey to our members who participated in our training courses. Our goal is to find out if what the participants learn in these courses is useful for their daily operations. We use this feedback to adjust our courses as much as possible to our members' learning needs. Please find below the results of the yearly 2014 survey. … Read more

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IPv6 to Secure Business Continuity
Marco Hogewoning — 30 Jun 2014

Every few months somewhere somebody will tell you that the sky is falling and the end of the Internet is close. The reasons brought up vary through a broad spectrum from superior technology to the lack of capacity. To a large extent people in the industry have become immune to these messages, for they are either unrealistic or in cases where the threat was real, the Internet responded in its usual resilient ways, adopting to the changing environment. It is this remarkable flexibility and the constant search for optimisation that has made Internet seep into every little corner of our lives and businesses.… Read more

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The IPv6 Analyser
The IPv6 Analyser
Alex Band — 20 Jun 2014

The IPv6 Analyser is a toolset that offers our members a visual insight into all the allocations, aggregations and assignments they have made. It was announced a few weeks ago and we're seeing LIRs starting to use it. Please find below some more details about this tool. … Read more