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New in RIPEstat: In-widget Comparison and Monitoring
Suzanne Taylor — 24 Jul 2013

RIPEstat users told us they wanted to be able to compare different resources in the same widget, and be able to monitor network events in real time. We're happy to announce that we've started to make this functionality available, beginning with two existing widgets: Country Routing Statistics and BGP Update Activity. And we want to hear from you which widgets should be next on our list!… Read more

Tags: tools ripestat
The RIPE Global Resource Service
Denis Walker — 15 Jul 2013

The RIPE NCC has changed the way data is imported for this service. This allows us to present a more complete Global Resource Service (GRS) for all Internet resources. This article outlines the GRS service including the recent changes. None of these changes have any impact on the standard RIPE Database query service.… Read more

Tags: database
Here’s looking at you …
Here’s looking at you …
Geoff Huston — 04 Jul 2013

Much has been said in recent weeks about various forms of cyber spying. The United States has accused the Chinese of cyber espionage and stealing industrial secrets. A former contractor to the United States’ NSA, Edward Snowden, has accused various US intelligence agencies of systematic examination of activity on various popular social network services, through a program called “PRISM”. These days cloud services may be all the vogue, but there is also an emerging understanding that once your data heads into one of these clouds, then it’s no longer necessarily entirely your data; it may have become somebody else’s data too.… Read more

Tags: ases security
All IP Addresses Are Equal? "dot-zero" Addresses Are Less Equal
Stéphane Bortzmeyer — 03 Jul 2013

In theory, all IP addresses are the same, and you can allocate them at random without a problem. is certainly not better or worse than, right? But, in practice, certain IP addresses are regarded as "special" by some implementations and do not yield the same user experience. This is the case for the "dot-zero", IPv4 addresses in which the last byte is zero.… Read more

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