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Dual Stack Esotropia
Geoff Huston — 30 Nov 2011

The introduction of a second IP protocol into the Internet presents many technical issues, and in previous columns we've explored many of the issues related to network engineering and infrastructure. In this column I'd like to head upward in the protocol stack to the rarefied air way up there at the level of the application, and look at how applications are managing to cope with the issue of two IP stacks.

Hampering Eyeballs - Observations on Two "Happy Eyeballs" Implementations
Emile Aben — 12 Nov 2011

In this article we look at two "Happy Eyeballs" implementations, that aim to reduce degraded user experience as the result of broken dual-stack configurations. We call this degraded user experience "Unhappy Eyeballs". The Chrome web browser implementation seems to succeed in this aim, while Apple's Mac OS X Lion operating system only partially succeeds in avoiding "Unhappy Eyeballs". Furthermore we show that Mac OS X Lion, in combination with the Safari web browser results in "Happy Eyeballs", but leaves well performing native IPv6 capacity unused in roughly half of the cases we measured, a condition we name "Hampering Eyeballs".

Password Management in RIPE Database
Kaveh Ranjbar — 09 Nov 2011

Passwords are the most used authentication method in the RIPE Database. This mechanism has two major design problems. The MD5 hash is public, when running a single query (not for bulk queries). And in case of email updates, plain text passwords are sent by email to update the database. Find below some recommendations on how to secure your objects until these issues have been addressed.

RIPEstat Live Demo #10
RIPEstat Live Demo #10
Christian Teuschel — 01 Nov 2011

This article provides a summary of the RIPEstat live demo session held on Monday, 31 October 2011 at RIPE 63 in Vienna. The focus of this demo was to review all current features, show some use cases of RIPEstat, and an provide an overview of planned developments. Information about the next demo can be found at the end of the article.

Addresses for RIPE RIS Beacons in Jeopardy
Addresses for RIPE RIS Beacons in Jeopardy
Daniel Karrenberg — 31 Oct 2011

According to address policy, the experimental address allocations for RIPE RIS beacons have to be returned soon. This would mean we have to either discontinue the RIS beacons or request permanent allocations for them according to address policy. We are asking for community support to continue operating the RIS beacons at the current addresses and for support for the address allocations.

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