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RIPE Atlas 2012 Year in Review
RIPE Atlas 2012 Year in Review
Vesna Manojlovic — 16 Jan 2013

The RIPE NCC is grateful to all members of the RIPE Atlas community for your participation and support. This includes RIPE Atlas users, probe hosts, sponsoring organisations, participants in the RIPE Atlas anchor pilot, and all RIPE NCC members who support this activity. In this end-of-year review we describe the major achievements and changes implemented in 2012 in RIPE Atlas.… Read more

RIPEstat 2012 Year in Review
RIPEstat 2012 Year in Review
Suzanne Taylor — 07 Jan 2013

Following up on our original summary of RIPEstat's first year, we take a look back at 2012 and review some of the highlights that have hopefully helped make RIPEstat an even more valuable tool for you, the users. We also give a sneak peek at some of the big developments we'll be hard at work on in 2013. … Read more

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Conclusions Drawn from Reverse DNS Event
Daniel Karrenberg — 21 Dec 2012

On Wednesday 13 June 2012, an unknown error caused the removal of several zone files from the configuration of our reverse DNS provisioning system. Following up from the initial report published on RIPE Labs, we further analysed what caused the incident and implemented a number of procedures to decrease the likelihood of this happening in the future. … Read more

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