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Presenting the New RIPEstat Demo Format
Ann Barcomb — 24 Jan 2012

We are introducing a new format and numbering scheme (season and episode rather than demo number) with the first RIPEstat demo of 2012. With this change, we want to preserve what has been effective - live demos at RIPE meetings and videos of our regular demos - while replacing elements which have been less successful.

2011 Audit Results
2011 Audit Results
Mirjam Kühne — 19 Jan 2012

The RIPE NCC preforms audits of the Local Internet Registries contact data and resource registration data maintained by the LIR. In 2011 around 400 audits were opened and as of 17 January 2012 270 have been completed. In this article you can find some statistics and results of these audits.

Detecting IP Address Filters
Geoff Huston — 13 Jan 2012

Until recently IP network operators were encouraged to set up so-called "bogon address filters" at the edge of their networks. These filters were intended to discard all incoming traffic where the source address in the IP header was from a block of addresses that was known to be unallocated. The inference was that a matching packet was either an unintentional leak from some privately addressed network domain or was generated using source address spoofing. In either case there is no point in delivering the packet, since it comes from a demonstrably fictitious source.