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Measuring IPv6 - Country by Country
Geoff Huston — 27 Jun 2012

Some years ago a report was published that ranked countries by the level of penetration of broadband data services. This ranking of national economies had an electrifying impact on this industry and upon public policies for broadband infrastructure in many countries. What if we did the same for IPv6? Would measuring each country's success or otherwise in deploying IPv6 act as a further incentive for IPv6?… Read more

The QoS Emperor's Wardrobe
Geoff Huston — 24 Jun 2012

In the process of revising the International Telecommunications Regulations, it has been suggested to base a new IP interconnection framework on the concept of end-to-end Quality of Service. This raises a question in my head: How "real" is end-to-end Quality of Service in the Internet?… Read more

Tags: policy