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RIPE Database Query API Update!

Paul Palse — Apr 2010
An update to the RIPE Database query API has been published. Find a pointer to the tool and a list of the main changes and new features in this article.

Today, an update to the RIPE Database query API was published.  See a screenshot of the new interface below:


Search update

The update consists of some minor bug fixes and some extra features: 

  • Searches in the AfriNIC database now work.
  • It is possible to search within the RIPE test database.
  • The search service and client form now supports inverse searches on multiple attributes.
  • The maximum amount of objects the search returns has been increased to 100. 

As usual, please let us know what you think... 

For reference, please see the initial description of the RIPE Database Query Including Search  and an updated version of the  RIPE Database API Documentation .




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