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Fatemah Mafi

I joined the RIPE NCC as a Communications Writer, in 2013. I write website content and RIPE Labs articles about the RIPE NCC's measurement tools- RIPEstat and RIPE Atlas.

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Revising the RIPE Database Documentation
Fatemah Mafi — 15 Jul 2014

The RIPE NCC is currently revising the RIPE Database documentation as requested by the community at recent RIPE Meetings. The goal is to produce one complete and accurate set of documentation that fully describes all aspects of the RIPE Database. The documentation will be a collection of small documents that will be published as soon as they become available. Over the coming months, you can expect to see a steady supply of these new documents. The current documentation will be available until the new set is complete.… Read more

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An Updated DNS Monitoring Service
An Updated DNS Monitoring Service
Fatemah Mafi — 18 Mar 2014

Since 2003, the RIPE NCC’s DNS Monitoring Service (DNSMON), has been providing a comprehensive, objective, and up-to-date overview on the quality of the service offered by TLD and other DNS operators. Due to technical advancements and in line with our aim to provide consolidated services, we are introducing a new DNSMON, currently running in parallel with the existing, "old" one.… Read more

Improved Routing Information Available via RIPEstat
Improved Routing Information Available via RIPEstat
Fatemah Mafi — 23 Aug 2013

Our Routing Information Service (RIS) has been collecting global BGP routing information for 12 years. During this period, many different interfaces to analyse and visualise accumulated data have been developed. In line with our long-term goals to provide more consolidated services, we will be integrating the RIS interface’s tools and services into RIPEstat.… Read more

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