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Felipe Victolla Silveira

I am the Chief Operations Officer of the RIPE NCC, responsible for the registry, member-related services and software development, including the RIPE Database, LIR Portal, and RPKI. I have joined the RIPE NCC in 2012 as a Software Engineer, and since then have worked in different roles across the organisation. I have a MSc in Computer Science.

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RPKI: Past, Present and Future
RPKI: Past, Present and Future
Felipe Victolla Silveira — 06 May 2020

With RPKI experiencing a huge growth in its deployment and becoming a key part in the operations of the Internet, we have been investing a significant amount of resources in making its infrastructure resilient, secure, and highly available. Recent outages have raised concerns about the maturity level of this relatively new technology and we have taken these incidents very seriously. We are now in the process of making long-term, significant improvements to our technical infrastructure, operational procedures, and software development processes to meet the growing expectations of the technical community worldwide. … Read more

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