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I'm the Routing Security Programme Manager at RIPE NCC. In my spare time I am the chair of NLNOG.

NLNOG Day 2021 - Live and in Person from Amsterdam

Organising a Network Operator Group event is challenging at the best of times. After all, we're technical people, not event organisers. But organising a "hybrid" NOG meeting during a global pandemic has been our biggest challenge yet. In this article, we explain why we did it, how it went, and what…

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RPKI and AS3333 or “How We Eat Our Own Dog Food”

Route Origin Validation (ROV) is a mechanism by which route advertisements can be authenticated as originating from an expected autonomous system (AS). With the RIPE NCC all set to perform ROV on AS3333, Nathalie Trenaman talks about why we've held back so far, and why we're now ready to get on wit…

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IPv6 Week Denmark

An IPv6 week is an opportunity to raise awareness and stimulate IPv6 deployment on a national level. It brings a wide variety of stakeholders, knowledge and experience to a country where deployment of IPv6 is low. One of the key factors affecting the success of a national IPv6 week is support from …

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