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George Nomikos

Location: FORTH-ICS, Heraklion, Greece — Main Language: en

I work as a research engineer in INSPIRE group in FORTH-ICS. My research interests primarily include Internet routing, Internet topology and network security. My main target is to better understand how the Internet ecosystem evolves, improve the transparency of the Internet with respect to the paths (i.e. AS-, IXP-, Facility- level) the data go through and evaluate network performance under security constraints. To that end, I organise and deploy advanced networking measurements and simulations, using also analytical tools like graph theoretic approaches, social-driven heuristics and modeling traffic characteristics.

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Detecting IXPs in Traceroute Paths Using traIXroute
Detecting IXPs in Traceroute Paths Using traIXroute
George Nomikos — 03 Aug 2016

traIXroute is a tool that detects whether and where a traceroute path crosses an Internet Exchange Point (IXP). It uses data from multiple sources and advanced criteria to verify IXP crossings to deal with problems due to replies from third-party interfaces or inaccuracies in the available data about IP addresses assigned to IXPs. These problems can mislead simple heuristics, based solely on the IP address prefixes allocated to IXPs, for the inference of IXP crossings. … Read more

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