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Vasileios Giotsas is a researcher at Lancaster University. His work focuses on systems security and resilience, distributed systems, and measurement and analysis of Internet protocols.

IPv4 Transfer Markets Misuse: A First Look

The secondary IP address market has become a viable source of IPv4 address space, but it may also present opportunities to malicious networks to bypass reputation-based security mechanisms. In this article we summarise the results of our first detailed study of how transferred IPv4 prefixes are mis…

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Uncovering Remote Peering at IXPs

Internet Exchange Points (IXPs) originally aimed to keep local traffic local and reduce dependence on third parties. However, ever-increasing traffic volumes create pressure for denser and more diverse peering that challenges the traditional IXP model. A fundamental shift in peering practices is R…

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Detection of Peering Infrastructure Outages Based on BGP Communities

Networks rely increasingly on Internet Exchange Points (IXPs) and carrier-neutral interconnection facilities that enable dense localised peering connectivity to handle the massive traffic exchange between clients and servers.

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