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Willem Toorop

Willem Toorop is a developer and researcher at NLnet Labs. NLnet Labs is a non-profit research lab dedicated to the development of Open Source software and open standards for the benefit of the Internet. NLnet Labs mission is to provide globally recognized innovations and expertise for those technologies that turn a network of networks into an Open Internet for All. At NLnet Labs, Willem's topics of interest are end-user security and privacy. Willem has actively researched how DNSSEC may be hampered for end-users and looked into strategies to overcome such roadblocks. The results of this research are incorporated in the getdns resolver library and its associates stub resolver Stubby. Besides his work on getdns and Stubby, Willem is also the primary maintainer and developer of the other NLnet Labs DNS libraries: ldns and Net::DNS.

Pages created by Willem Toorop

Sunrise DNS-over-TLS! Sunset DNSSEC?
Sunrise DNS-over-TLS! Sunset DNSSEC?
Willem Toorop — 23 Aug 2018

Is DNSSEC still needed when you get your DNS over TLS? DNSSEC's original design goals could also be met in a future DoT-only world. However, DNSSEC's aspirations have moved on with DANE. Unfortunately DNSSEC and DANE are hardly ever available at end-user devices. DoT brings liable delivery of DNS, which might make DNSSEC and DANE finally happen after all.… Read more

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