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Luuk is a PhD candidate at the University of Twente, the Netherlands. His interests revolve around IPv6-specific measurements with a focus on security. And corgis.

Introducing JDR: Explore, Inspect and Troubleshoot the RPKI

NLnet Labs recently launched their first version of JDR, a tool for checking anything in the RPKI. While not yet 100% feature complete, JDR offers useful insights to operators and implementors. In this article, Luuk Hendriks talks about the mechanics and goals of the tool and calls for feedback to …

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Journeying into XDP: Part 0

Network programming using XDP has been on our radar (and if you are reading this, possibly on yours too!) for a while now. As tooling around this technology has vastly improved, we decided that it was time to finally get our hands dirty and see what this technology is all about.

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Finding Open DNS Resolvers on IPv6

Open DNS resolvers that answer queries coming from anyone have been the main component of a large number of DDoS attacks in recent years.

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SSHCure: SSH Intrusion Detection Using NetFlow and IPFIX

SSHCure is an Intrusion Detection System for SSH, developed at the University of Twente. It allows analysing large amounts of flow data and is the first IDS capable of identifying actual compromises. Being deployed in various networks, ranging from small Web-hosting companies to nation-wide backb…

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