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• On RPKI Test by Nathalie Trenaman

This is brilliant! By the way, the RIPE NCC also has RIS beacons with each RPKI Validation state that can be used for this purpose:

• Reply to Janos Zsako on Ticketing and Document Management at the RIPE NCC by Alex Band

“If I understand correctly, the lack of IPv6 affects only the RIPE NCC, as the LIRs and other parties will use RIPE NCC's (IPv6 capable) website to create tickects and upload documents. Also, the e-mail replies will be sent to the NCC, who accept mail over IPv6. Did I misunderstand something?”

That’s spot on Janos.

• On Ticketing and Document Management at the RIPE NCC by Alex Band

When the ticketing system product selection was done, of course IPv6 and security were on the list of criteria. IPv6 support was in the must-have column for a long time, but it competes with other requirements. Of course we could have insisted on IPv6 support, but then we would have ended up with a product that simply doesn't fulfil all the other needs of our users and customers. Let's hope ZenDesk adds IPv6 support soon, we have certainly voiced this to them.

• Reply to Johannes Löthberg on Adventures in Using PGP for the RIPE Database by Alex Band

“How's the nicer dialog coming along? ;)”

Ah yes Johannes, this is one of those things that slowly slides down the priority list due to the ever increasing amount of the web interface users with SSO (currently almost 30,000 maintainers with SSO that are actively used) and the continuing decline of email for updates. It's on the list for sure, but there are many other things that are simply more valuable right now.

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