Alun Davies

Chris Amin: RIPE IPmap - Geolocating Routes Across the Internet

Alun Davies

Geolocation providers usually focus on locating end user devices at the edge of the Internet. But what about the machines that make up the infrastructure in the middle? In this episode, Chris Amin talks about RIPE IPmap - an API developed by the RIPE NCC to geolocate core Internet infrastructure.

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The idea behind RIPE IPmap actually goes way back. Emile Aben first presented on it at RIPE 67 in 2013 and there’s an article on RIPE Labs from around the same time. You can see its development over time in this article from Jasper den Hertog and this article from Massimo Candela written during their time at the RIPE NCC.

01:08 - RIPE Atlas

09:20 - For those wondering, why two thirds the speed of light?

11:25 - More on PTR records

13:49 - Article on Hoiho authored by Matthew Luckie and colleagues

15:57 - PeeringDB

18:40 - RIPE Atlas probe map

25:45 - RIPE IPmap landing page and the API

28:04 - GeoNames and Natural Earth

34:10 - RIPE IPmap Active Geolocation: Mechanism and Performance Evaluation

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