Alun Davies

Farzaneh Badiei: How Sanctions Obstruct Access to the Internet

Alun Davies

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Economic sanctions have a very clear but complicated impact on people's access to the global Internet. In this episode, I talk to Dr Farzaneh Badiei from Digital Medusa about how sanctions obstruct access to the Internet.

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01:25 - Read this article from Chris Buckridge announcing the independent research project on sanctions to be carried out by Digital Medusa.

01:50 - Full recording of the session at RIPE 85.

02:30 - Go check out Digital Medusa.

02:50 - More from Farzaneh on sanctions and related issues on RIPE Labs.

03:20 - Article on the .ir ccTLD case from 2014.

07:25 - You can read more about how sanctions affect the RIPE NCC in this article from Athina Fragkouli.

15:56 - Freedom Online Coalition

17:52 - RIPE Cooperation Working Group

18:14 - The IGF workshop on sanctions that Farzaneh refers to took place at IGF 2022 in Ethiopia on 30 November.

18:42 - See this article for the sanctions timeline.

18:57 - See the earlier RIPE Labs podcast episode with Kieren McCarthy on Revitalising Internet Governance.

20:25 - Again, see this article from Athina Fragkouli for more on the Dutch MFA's confirmation that IP resources are understood to be economic resources as defined in EU sanctions regulations.

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