Anastasiya Pak

Shane Kerr: Approaching the RIPE Gender Data Gap

Anastasiya Pak
Contributors: Shane Kerr, Alun Davies

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After the Women in Tech session at RIPE 84, Anastasiya Pak caught up with Shane Kerr to hear more about measuring the gender gap at RIPE Meetings. In this episode of the RIPE Labs podcast, hear about the goals and challenges in approaching the RIPE gender data gap.

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00:50 - The first Women in Tech Lunch at RIPE 75 and Women in Tech at RIPE 84

01:25 - Lorrayne Porciuncula on Responsibly Unlocking the Value of Gender Data

01:40 - Shane on RIPE Meeting Gender Statistics (2022 Edition)

02:12 - More information on the RIPE Diversity Task Force

03:56 - Shane's previous work on this topic on RIPE Labs

15:21 - Document on Diversity and Inclusion at the IETF

24:11 - More information on childcare at RIPE Meetings

25:10 - More on the RIPE Meeting mentoring programme

26:19 - Here's the article from Deloitte referred to by Anastasiya

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