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RIPEstat Demo (s2e06)

Vesna Manojlovic
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The sixth RIPEstat demo of 2012 gives an overview of the new user interface, an update on the new features, as well as plans for the future. It was recorded during the RIPE 65 Meeting in Amsterdam, where users had the chance to meet the developers and ask questions face to face.

The live demo took place on 24 September 2012 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. This demo is available both as a video recording and a slide set .

Introduction to RIPEstat

RIPEstat is a modular and extendable toolbox designed as a single point of access to Internet-related data from RIPE NCC and other sources. Stat stands for statistics and status . It is a work in progress, and is being developed iteratively. Feedback from users helps determine the direction of development. Regular demos provide information about new functionality.

User Interface Improvements

Widgets have now been grouped into useful pre-defined categories, including Routing, DNS, Anti Abuse, Database and Geographic. These are presented in a “At a Glance” tab view, and a permalink has been added.

RIPEstat new layout Figure 1: The new layout

The next improvements to the user interface will focus on user-defined views and will allow users to create and manage customized layouts. Later on, users wil be able to drag widgets into their own categories as they see fit. They will also have access to new controls such as minimize, copy to, remove (from current view), as well as an options menu. More information will become available as these phases are implemented.

New Widgets and Data Calls

Using RIPEstat for Prefix Size Filtering

An alternative way of looking at the prefix size distribution in IPv4 and IPv6 blocks is now available in RIPEstat as an interactive widget called RIR Prefix Size Distribution. Tabular visualisation and cumulative percentage representation can be used for filtering based on minimum allocation size, or for general research about the usage of address space.

For more information, see RIR Prefix Size Distribution in RIPEstat

Based on the feedback from the operators, we have also created a page, updated daily, that gives an overview of the total number of IPv4 delegations grouped by /8s. It is called Size Distribution of Registered IPv4 Prefixes, by /8 and can be found at: per /8

New Anti-Abuse Contact Widget

The RIPE NCC has received many requests for anti-abuse information. To help satisfy this need, we have created the Anti-Abuse Contact widget for the average Internet user based on the contact abuse finder. The widget extracts anti-abuse information from IRT objects, abuse-mailbox attributes and abuse-related remarks. We welcome feedback about the current blacklist sources being used as well as suggestions for additional anti-abuse widgets.

Anti-Abuse Contact widget Figure 2: Anti-Abuse Contact widget

Widget Improvements

History View in Whois Object Browser

Recently there have been several calls for historical information about address space registrations. It is also becoming more and more important for members to evaluate the history of addresses they are asked to route. Therefore, we have made it possible to see versions of RIPE Database objects from the past in the Object Browser widget .

Because this is the first time we are publishing historical information about address space assignments, we have limited it to LIR members of the RIPE NCC. Following discussions during RIPE 65 we will decide the future of this feature. Please read more in this article .

Object Browser History View Figure 3: History view in Whois Object Browser

ASN Neighbours History

A new functionality has been added to the ASN Neighbours widget. It is now possible to see historical data in the widget extending back several weeks. While previously it was only possible to get a static picture of ASN neighbour routing data, this new historical capability makes it possible for users to get an overview of ASN neighbour connectivity over time and detect emerging trends within this data.

ASN Neighbours History view Figure 4: ASN Neighbours History view

New Widget Sizes Available

New widget sizes are now available for embedding to suit the needs of different websites with varying amounts of space available. The different widget sizes have been pre-configured in order to retain optimal content and design for each size and for each widget. The embed code for each of the available widget sizes is available to users.

widgetsizes.gif Figure 5: Different widget sizes available

rDNS Support

The rDNS function now supports up to /8 (previously /10) when looking up IPv4 address space prefixes.

Widget Conversion Finished

For a demonstration on how to include a RIPEstat widget in your page, check out the s2e01 RIPEstat demo or the widget API documentation .

Plans for the Remainder of 2012

Users will continue to benefit from the next round of improvements to the user interface, which will allow for a more customizable experience. We are developing a command line interface for RIPEstat, and plan to make country-based results available. We will also be implementing new features on the Anti-Abuse Contact widget.

Plans for 2013

Users will be able to take advantage of a more sophisticated user interface, which will include such additions as "My Clipboard" funcionality. We plan to expand RIPEstat's scope by migrating other RIPE NCC tools into RIPEstat and will also make RIPE Atlas data available in RIPEstat. We also plan to develop a RIPEstat platform for Android. However, these developments will continue to be driven by user feedback and we look forward to hearing from the community about what new features and changes would be most useful to you.


You can offer feedback on RIPEstat at any time through one of our standard channels:

Next Demo

The next RIPEstat demo will be in November 2012.


Videos of previous RIPEstat demos and other RIPEstat movies are available on the RIPE NCC YouTube channel (look for the RIPEstat playlist).

Summaries of previous demos, as well as other articles about RIPEstat , are also available:


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