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Benno Overeinder is managing director at NLnet Labs. NLnet Labs is a non-profit research lab whose mission is to build a bridge between academic results and practical deployment of new technology in our networks. As a research engineer, Benno is particularly interested how results from research have practical and operational implications on how we run our networks. Topics of interest are DNS and DNSSEC (implementation, operation and policy), DANE, inter-domain routing (BGP dynamics, stability, and scalability — measurement and analysis), routing control plane configuration and management, inter-domain routing security, IPv6 deployment, and Internet measurements at large. He is also an active member in the RIPE and IETF community.

How “National” is the Dutch Critical IP Infrastructure?

How “National” is the Dutch Critical IP Infrastructure?

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After the publication of the Critical Infrastructure Protection report more than ten years ago, we asked ourselves how critical infrastructure companies are interconnected, how resilient these connections are, and to which extent they are dependent on foreign entities.

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