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Denesh has been involved in technical, policy and governance aspects of the Internet over many years and in various roles ranging up to Director level within commercial (such as Demon Internet) and non-profit organisations (such as LONAP, UK ENUM Consortium and Nominet) in addition to contributing his time as co-chair of the RIPE Policy Working Group and Policy Advisor to Nominet. He also ran his own hosting and network infrastructure company. He is currently a Director & Principal Consultant at multi-faceted Meidan Ventures Limited, Executive Director & Events & Operations Director at the UK Network Operators Forum (UKNOF), and External Relations & Event Director at DNS Operations, Analysis, and Research Center (DNS-OARC). He also co-founded the Portuguese Network Operators Group (PTNOG).

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The UKNOF BCOP for Virtual Events

The UKNOF BCOP for Virtual Events

6 min read

Denesh Bhabuta and Leo Vegoda look back over how UKNOF’s team of volunteers transformed its events from physical meetings to online events. Read on for a useful list of lessons learned and what the authors think of as the ‘virtual event BCOP’ for other organisers.

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