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I am the Chief Operations Officer of the RIPE NCC, responsible for the registry, member-related services and software development, including the RIPE Database, LIR Portal, and RPKI. I have joined the RIPE NCC in 2012 as a Software Engineer, and since then have worked in different roles across the organisation. I have a MSc in Computer Science.

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Defining the Criticality of RIPE NCC Services

We’ve been brainstorming on a process to determine the criticality level of our services, and we’d now like to ask the community for input on how we should approach this effort moving forward.

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RIPE NCC Cloud Strategy Framework

Our cloud strategy framework provides a starting point that we will use when developing cloud implementations in the future. It also forms a solid basis for discussions with the community on specific proposals relating to our services.

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Using Third Parties to Automate Our Due Diligence

For the past year, we've been improving our due diligence procedures. Performing all of the necessary checks is complex work, and there’s a lot of it. For this reason, we'll be using trusted third-party expertise and automation in two key areas: sanctions screening and the validation of identificat…

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RIPE NCC and the Cloud: Draft Principles, Requirements and Strategy Framework

Our draft cloud strategy framework is an attempt to bring everything together in a way that sets out some boundaries, identifies critical elements, and indicates where we need to be strict vs where we can afford to be a little more relaxed. This should hopefully support more clarity regarding how w…

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RIPE NCC and the Cloud: Let’s Start Again

The community’s reaction to our cloud proposal at RIPE 82 was stronger than we expected. We think it’s worth re-starting this discussion, and the first step is to check that we’ve heard you correctly.

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RPKI Repositories and the RIPE Database in the Cloud

The RIPE NCC provides mission critical services to the Internet community which require a solid technical foundation. This article explains how we plan to use cloud infrastructure as a means to that end. We outline some of the risks that must be accounted for, and describe the target architectures …

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RPKI: Past, Present and Future

With RPKI experiencing a huge growth in its deployment and becoming a key part in the operations of the Internet, we have been investing a significant amount of resources in making its infrastructure resilient, secure, and highly available. Recent outages have raised concerns about the maturity lev…

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