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• Reply to Helen on How We're Implementing the GDPR: The RIPE Database by Athina Fragkouli

“Hello, I wanted to ask how exactly the RIPE database gets all the detailed information about the websites (IPs). Is it manually inserted? Thanks”

Hi Helen, if I understand you correctly you are asking who enters the information regarding IP addresses and other Internet number resources in the RIPE Database and how? The RIPE NCC enters the information regarding the Internet number resources ( IPs and ASNs) that we distribute directly. For example, a member requests IP addresses from the RIPE NCC. We evaluate/review the information provided to us and when we are ready we create the database object. These objects will have for example the status ALLOCATED PA. Our members further distribute IPs to their own network and to their customers. The member creates the database object to reflect this. In this example those objects will have status ASSIGNED PA. Does this answer your question?

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