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• On RPKI Test by Nathalie Trenaman

hi John, The code is release and it lives here: (sorry for the late reply)

• Reply to Milan Pässler on RPKI Test by Nathalie Trenaman

“Unfortunately the test fails for me with the following message: "testing valid ROA...[error (what does that mean?)]![passed]"”

Hi Milan, what happens is that the test receives an error instead of a timeout for the request over the invalid path. The test doesn't exactly know what to do with that, hence the error message you're seeing. The CORS warning is not relevant here, that just tells us that the error response doesn't have the right headers (very common). I've seen instances where the invalid path is not dropped (so no response, so the test goes to timeout) but actually rejected with an error response. This may be the case with the response you're seeing (I am not sure, maybe if you expand the `events` object in the console and then expand the `invalidAwait` event in there, you would see a more elaborate error message). The trouble is that I've no clue what thing generates this rejection (middlebox? firewall?). As a consequence the test is not sure what to do with it.

• Reply to Konstantin Bekreyev on RIPE IPmap - A Collaborative Approach to Mapping Internet Infrastructure by Jasper den Hertog

“How I can correct location of ip address? For example have wrong location 'Samara, Russia'. This is 'Ulyanovsk, Russia'.”

hi Konstatin, You can click the location in the 'IP LOCATION' window and then you'll get a new window where you can edit the location. There's a bug in the autocomplete, so the input will only autocomplete if you fill out the country afresh (so wipe the country and then select Russian Federation again). Then autocomplete for city will also work. I've already set to Ulyanovsk for you ;-)

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