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Jordi Palet Martínez has been working with computers, networking and technology since he was 8 years old. The last 17 years, as CEO/CTO at "The IPv6 Company", devoted most of his time to IPv6 R&D, standardization, training and consultancy, having worked already with IPv6 customers in 110 countries in the world. He has co-authored a number of RFCs and books related to IPv6 and contributed to IPv6 training and policy making in all the RIRs.

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• Reply to Alexander Koeppe on Results of the IPv6 Deployment Survey by Jordi Palet Martinez

“Regarding monitoring, I've just recently have had a interessing experience. The just recently brought out Flow and Packet performance suite Steel Central from Riverbed is still lacking proper IPv6 support. I was very surprised that IPv6 isn't still not handled at the same priority as IPv4 in terms of development. So it's not always the engineers that may hesistate the extra or double effort when setting monitoring up, sometimes it's just the lack of IPv6 support in the monitoring tools. However, the post-sales guy from Riverbed promised improvement of IPv6 support on the road map.”

You're right, I should have mention that in most situations is not the engineer, are the tools. However, there are many "free" tools that may alleviate this, in case your vendor still didn't got it.

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