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Michael J. Oghia is a Belgrade-based consultant, editor, researcher, speaker, and ICT sustainability advocate working within the digital policy & infrastructure, Internet governance, and media development ecosystems. He is the Director of Communications & External Relations at the Sustainable Digital Infrastructure Alliance (SDIA). Michael is a third-culture kid (TCK) and a connector at heart with more than a decade of professional experience in conflict resolution, journalism & media, policy, and development across five countries: The United States, Lebanon, India, Turkey, and Serbia. He also loathes referring to himself in third person.

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Help us Build a Sustainable European Cloud

Over the summer, we – the Sustainable Digital Infrastructure Alliance (SDIA) – published a three-part series introducing our manifesto for a sustainable European cloud, one that’s open-source, fair, and creates economic opportunities for all. Such digital infrastructure will reflect European values…

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Transparency Meets Sustainability: Announcing the SDIA Open Data Hub

Last month, the Sustainable Digital Infrastructure Alliance (SDIA) announced our Open Data Hub, a resource that's meant to boost transparency, trust, and data availability to help researchers, industry, and society realise a sustainable digital economy. It is essentially our answer to the challenge…

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#LetsGreenTheWeb with invites you to join us for our #LetsGreenTheWeb campaign – a focused, 5-day Twitter campaign to measure the carbon emissions of websites, share tweets highlighting the results, and encourage developers to reduce website emissions. The campaign will run on Twitter from 15-19 Febru…

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You’ve Got the Power: Sustainable Procurement and the RIPE Community

The RIPE community can contribute to a more sustainable Internet in multiple ways, but one of the most immediate and impactful among these involves decisions regarding buying hardware and sourcing services. We take a closer look at the issues surrounding procurement, the resources available, and ex…

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To Green the Internet, We Need RIPE

If Europe is going to realise its vision for a greener ICT ecosystem and a sustainable future, support from the RIPE community is imperative. But what can you do - as a network operator and as a user - to work towards a sustainable Internet?

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Sustainability is Good for the Internet (and Business too)

In recent weeks, I’ve attended two events, SEE 6, hosted by the RIPE NCC in Budva, Montenegro, and the 10th European Dialogue on Internet Governance (EuroDIG) in Tallinn, Estonia. At both events, I had the opportunity to speak about the issue of sustainable access to the Internet.

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