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• Reply to Claus on Help Build a Bigger, Better RIPE Atlas by Lia Hestina

“Based on the supported operations, I assume the probe contains a scaled down linux, busybox or something similar. How can I verify that the probe cannot be a platform of an either targeted or distributed attack ?”

Hello Claus - thanks for this. We are careful with how we write probe software and we do carry out complete security evaluations for RIPE Atlas periodically. That said, there is no absolute guarantee that abuse cannot happen. Making RIPE Atlas probes completely resilient in this regard (TPM or similar) would be cost-prohibitive. But we try to be careful. For more information, see:

• On Help Build a Bigger, Better RIPE Atlas by Lia Hestina

Hi Christian - thanks for your comment. At the moment we’re out of stock, but as soon as we have new stock, we will notify everyone who have applied to host a probe. Some RIPE Atlas ambassadors may still have some V4 with them. You can ask in the mailing list or check our calendar. As you understand, some networks may have very good coverage already and thus another probe in the same ASN will not add any value to the RIPE Atlas network.

• Reply to Juergen Weber on Troubleshooting RIPE Atlas Probes: USB Sticks by Philip Homburg

“What about the new probes which have been sent out since end of 2019?”

Hi Juergen, The latest version (V4) has no USB on it. Lia

• Reply to Sergio Ceballos on New RIPE Atlas Version 4 Probes by Alun Davies

“Greetings! Currently we are using v3 in our Madrid Datacenter, is there any way we can apply to the v4?”

Hello Sergio, Is there any reason for the second probe? If your V3 works fine, you should keep it up. If it's having USB issues, it can be easily fixed with replacing the USB. If you want to know the status of the probe, check out the 'status beta' tab on your probe's page. Of course you can always apply for a new location or other network, you can do this directly on the RIPE Atlas website. Your application will be reviewed individually. We will let you know if your application is approved or not. Any further question, you can always send to

• Reply to Grzegorz Ponikierski A on New RIPE Atlas Version 4 Probes by Alun Davies

“New v4 is coming to me. Thx! Question: How many v4 probes you can deliver this and next year? I would like to deploy more probes in Poland but also, with help of my friends, to deploy more in India and few other countries which doesn't have good coverage.”

Hi Grzegorz, We’ll be shipping probes out as long as stock lasts. As you may have known, new stock will be purchased as soon as there is sufficient sponsors funding. Feel free to apply for any location you are able to instal the probe directly online, each application will be reviewed individually. For most RIPE Atlas ambassador applications, we ship in small batch each time.

• Reply to Edgar on New RIPE Atlas Version 4 Probes by Alun Davies

“Any heads up for the stock issue? Applied for a replacement probe on july 18th (#25434).”

Hi Edgar, we will soon(this week) receive the hardware and if all goes as planned, we will start shipping by the second week of November. By the end of November all backlog should be processed and shipped out. So, please bear with us :)

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