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Philip Homburg currently works on the measurement code and other firmware that runs on the RIPE Atlas probes and anchors. He received a PhD degree in computer science from the VU University, Amsterdam. During his PhD studies he designed a wide-area distributed system called Globe. He also worked on the security of mobile phones in the EU FP7 project WOMBAT, MINIX3 (device driver crash recovery), and an advanced disk abstraction layer in the Logical Disk project.

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What’s the Deal with IPv6 Link-Local Addresses?

...or, how RIPE Atlas measurement data just got a little bit more complex. Some people say IPv6 is "96 more bits, no magic". And while this is true for most network operators, if you're a RIPE Atlas system programmer, you can run into interesting situations. In this article, we described how link-l…

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Troubleshooting RIPE Atlas Probes: USB Sticks

Some of the third version of RIPE Atlas probes have recently had an issue with their USB sticks. We're investigating what may be causing this issue and have a possible solution, outlined below. (At the same time, we're also looking into a new hardware solution for the future.) If you've had trouble…

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A Visual Impression of Probe Lifetimes

For a while now, the number of active RIPE Atlas probes has hovered around the 9,400 mark. This means that new probes are being connected at a fast enough rate to replace failing probes, but not enough to grow the network. At the same time, the version 3 probes have problems with their USB sticks. …

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