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Louis Pétiniaud is a post-doctoral researcher in the geopolitics of Internet infrastructures and routing at GEODE, and teaches geopolitics of cyberspace in the Bachelor of Science program at Ecole Polytechnique. He holds a PhD from the French Institute of Geopolitics (Paris 8 University). His dissertation explored the links between the dynamics of geopolitical and cyberspace fragmentation of Ukraine since 2014 at the level of routing and infrastructures. His research focuses on the cartography, geography and geopolitics of Internet routing infrastructures and their role in dynamics of territoriality, power, and digital sovereignty.

The Human Factor in the Geopolitics of the Internet

The Human Factor in the Geopolitics of the Internet

20 min read

The Internet is a network of networks administered, controlled and shaped by humans. As such, it is as much affected by power relationships across the public and private actors as it, in turn, affects them. In this article, the team from GEODE explores the complex relations between the technical an…

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Geopolitics of Routing

Geopolitics of Routing

8 min read

The goal of this article is to introduce a methodological basis for a geopolitical analysis of the Internet and to illustrate the geopolitics of cyberspace. For this purpose, we used the BGP feeds provided by the RIPE Routing Information Service to regularly infer AS-level connectivity graphs. We h…

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