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Job Snijders is an Internet Engineer at Fastly where he analyzes and architects global networks for future growth. Job has been actively involved in the Internet community in both operational, engineering, and architectural capacity, as a frequent presenter at network operator events such as NANOG, ITNOG, DKNOG, RIPE, NLNOG & APRICOT, and in a number of community projects for over 15 years. Job is co-chair of the IETF GROW working group, co-chair of the RIPE Routing Working Group, vice president of PeeringDB, director of the Route Server Support Foundation, manager of the IRRd v4 project, and Art Director for the OpenBSD project. Job's special interests are BGP routing policies, RPKI based routing security, and large Internet scale PKIX-RPKI & BGP deployments. Job helps maintain several tools such as IRRd, rpki-client, bgpq4, OpenBGPD, irrtree, rtrsub, and irrexplorer, and is active in the IETF where they have coauthored or contributed to RFCs and Internet-Drafts. Job has experience with the implementation and operation of RPKI Certificate Authorities, Publication Servers, and Relying Parties.

Don't Terminate People's Internet Connections

Here is a plea to keep Internet services on in these times where we rely on online communications.

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RPKI: The Way Forward - Report on February 2019 RPKI Roundtable

On Sunday, 17 February 2019, 51 representatives from 37 organisations came together in Cloudflare's San Francisco offices for a roundtable discussion. The aim was to discuss operational aspects of RPKI deployment. RPKI technology is nowadays seen as the best way forward to secure the Internet's rou…

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RFC 8195 "Use of BGP Large Communities" was Published!

RFC 8195 presents examples and inspiration for the operational application of BGP Large Communities.

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Heads-up: RFC 8212 on Default EBGP Route Handling Behaviour

"External BGP (EBGP) Route Propagation Behavior without Policies” was published as RFC 8112 . What does this mean for network operators and vendors?

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What we Learned Setting up NLNOG

Over the past few years, many new local Network Operator Groups (NOGs) have been set up, each of them defined by their own unique characteristics. We wanted to share some of our experiences from setting up the Netherlands Network Operator Group (NLNOG).

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