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Ondřej Caletka joined the RIPE NCC in 2020. He works as a technical expert in the Learning and Development team. His main responsibility includes developing and operating the lab environment for training courses and online learning. Ondřej graduated from Czech Technical University in Prague and worked as network services administrator and developer for the Czech national research and education network CESNET before joining the RIPE NCC. He is also active in local IT communities around open source/free software, and acts as an IPv6 and DNSSEC ambassador, delivering talks and trainings at various events.

From Megabits to Terabits: Ethernet Celebrates Its Birthday

Exactly fifty years ago, the first concept of the computer networks we know today as Ethernet was designed. It has evolved from a thick coaxial cable connecting computers in a single location to the most common way of connecting networks of all sizes via twisted pair and optical fibre.

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Deploying IPv6-Mostly Access Networks

Dual stack is the most common way of deploying IPv6 in access networks. A recent standard defines IPv6-mostly access networks, providing IPv4 connectivity only for legacy devices while allowing modern devices to run IPv6-only. It is already well supported and allows network operators to gradually p…

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Hands-On Learning: How We Built the IPv6 Security Course Virtual Lab Activities

Recently, we launched a new e-learning course on IPv6 security in the RIPE NCC Academy. This course helps you learn about the theoretical concepts behind IPv6 security, and you will also have a chance to practice some attacks and protection against them on your own computer. In this post, I will de…

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