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Ondřej Caletka joined the RIPE NCC in 2020. He works as a technical expert in the Learning and Development team. His main responsibility includes developing and operating the lab environment for training courses and online learning. Ondřej graduated from Czech Technical University in Prague and worked as network services administrator and developer for the Czech national research and education network CESNET before joining the RIPE NCC. He is also active in local IT communities around open source/free software, and acts as an IPv6 and DNSSEC ambassador, delivering talks and trainings at various events.

• On The State of Reverse DNS by Arnold Dechamps

Even though the percentage of DNSSEC reverse delegations is low, it actually grew twice since my similar measurement in 2018 :)

• Reply to Éric Vyncke on Deploying IPv6-Mostly Access Networks by Ondřej Caletka

“Any statistics from the recent RIPE 86 in Rotterdam ?”

Hello Éric, during RIPE 86, the amount of devices connected to the main Wi-Fi network peaked around 850 while the amount of DHCPv4 leases peaked around 180 devices. This means that about 79 % of all devices connected to the network were running IPv6-only. I confirmed this also by looking at DHCP DISCOVER messages - 79 % of unique MAC addresses requested DHCP option 108 during DHCP handshake.

• Reply to Marco Davids on Deploying IPv6-Mostly Access Networks by Ondřej Caletka

“Great article, thank you. It would be great if an 'IPv6-mostly' WiFi-network would be available at future RIPE meetings.”

Hello Marco, this has been already the case for RIPE 85 and we will continue having main network IPv6-mostly for future meetings as well.

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