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I started working in the Internet industry in 1995, when I helped to start up Computel Standby BV. I supported Computel while I was a student at Universiteit Twente. Computel started in Apeldoorn (NL) as a small ISP, started the foundation, and has grown into a server management company with its own small datacenter. I became a RIPE Address Policy Working Group chair in May 2007, mostly because I am interested in the future of the Internet and I like to participate in things I believe are important. I stayed in that position until 2018. In March 2010 I started my own consultancy company. I am focused on internet infrastructure related subjects such as IPv6, routing and security. I have done consultancy projects on all levels, from advising on the technical IPv6 road map and addressing plan for a Dutch bank to hands-on deployment of new technology in ISP networks and data centres. Since 2021 my main customer is 6connect, where I work on anything from anycast deployments to network discovery and automation integration. Specialties: All Internet related technology, including networking (service provider and enterprise), security, application development. My favourite activity is researching and implementing innovating technologies. Implementing IPv6 and dealing with the current shortage of IPv4 addresses is my main focus area in this regard.

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Preparing an IPv6 Addressing Plan

Preparing an IPv6 Addressing Plan

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In the fall of 2010 SURFnet, the Dutch National Research and Education Network, held a workshop on IPv6. One of the issues that arose was making an IPv6 addressing plan. While this seems a simple subject at first, it turned out to be more complex. SURFnet decided to document best practices and make…

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