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UX/UI/Frontend Developer with the RIPE NCC since February 2019.

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A Tour of the New RIPEstat UI

The new RIPEstat UI brings big changes to the look and feel of RIPEstat. It presents an updated, clean, responsive design built on a modern framework and comes equipped with a whole host of new features. In this article, we explore all these features and improvements.

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The New RIPEstat In Other Words

In May, with the aim of improving the experience for all RIPEstat users, we started a complete redesign of the RIPEstat user interface. With the prototype UI having received a lot of positive feedback, we’re still busy adding new features, one of which will allow users to switch between languages w…

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RIPEstat is Getting Ready for a Face-Lift

The user interface (UI) of RIPEstat has become a familiar view for our user base, but after nine years of service we are starting to explore new concepts to improve the user experience on our information service. In this article we share our motivation, the guiding principles for the new UI and the…

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