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RIPEstat March 2013 Update

Suzanne Taylor
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Many new features and improved functionality have been made available in RIPEstat since the last update. We're excited to announce that users can now retrieve Internet number resource-related information by querying for hostnames and countries in RIPEstat. There are also five new widgets: Country Routing Statistics, Abuse Contact Finder, Forward DNS, DNS Chain, and RIPE Atlas Measurement Targets. In addition, we have created a new site tailored specifically for mobile users, and we released a new Apple mobile app.

Introduction to RIPEstat

RIPEstat is a toolbox that presents all available information about Internet number resources in a single, consolidated web-based interface. It retrieves data from the RIPE NCC's data sets as well as from external sources, and also makes this available as a CLI and data API. "Stat" stands for statistics and status - stat . It is being developed in cooperation with our users, and regular demos and updates provide information about new functionality. You can find the previous update here .

Hostname and Country Code Queries Supported

RIPEstat has always supported queries for IP addresses/prefixes and ASNs, but we're pleased to announce that users can now enter a hostname or country code ( ISO two-letter country codes ) into the input field and get results that include several new widgets (described below).

In the future, more widgets that return results for hostname and county code queries will become available.

New Widgets

Country Routing Statistics

The Country Routing Statistics widget allows users to see the development of a country's Internet number resources over time, including Autonomous System Numbers (ASNs), IPv4 prefixes and IPv6 prefixes. The widget is still in beta status.

Users can zoom into the displayed results to see a more detailed view of a given time period, and can compare up to four different countries at the same time, side by side, on the special Country Comparison page.

The Country Routing Statistics widget can be found under the "Routing" tab when querying for a country code.

More information about the Country Routing Statistics widget can be found in this detailed RIPE Labs article .

RIPEstat Country Routing Status widget Figure 1: RIPEstat's Country Routing Status widget

Abuse Contact Finder

Finding potential abuse contacts is easier than ever with the new Abuse Contact Finder. The widget displays potential abuse contacts connected to a given IP address and rates the contact on a scale from one to four stars depending on its relationship to the queried IP address, in order to give the user an idea of how reliable the contact is. This new widget replaces RIPEstat's old Anti-Abuse Contact widget.

Currently, the widget rates an abuse contact as a "four star" contact if it is found in the "abuse-mailbox:" attribute in the RIPE Database. In the near future, a new policy proposal will be implemented, as described in RIPE 563, requiring a new attribute called "abuse-c:" for every new - and, eventually, every existing - object in the RIPE Database. When the policy is implemented, the RIPEstat Abuse Contact Finder will include a fifth star, denoting that the abuse contact was retrieved from this new "abuse-c:" attribute.

The Abuse Contact Finder widget can be found under the "Anti Abuse" tab when querying for an IP address, as well as on a special Abuse Contact Finder page.

More information about the Abuse Contact Finder widget can be found in this detailed RIPE Labs article .

Forward DNS

The Forward DNS widget displays which IP addresses - both IPv4 and IPv6 - are related to a hostname. It also shows whether the given IP address reversely resolves in DNS to a different hostname(s).

The Forward DNS widget can be found under the "DNS" tab when querying for a hostname.

DNS Chain

When entering an IP address or hostname in RIPEstat, the new DNS Chain widget will display a graphic depiction of the relationship between related hostnames and IP addresses, as found in DNS.

DNS Chain widget Figure 2: RIPEstat's new DNS Chain widget, showing results for

The widget runs a recursive sequence of DNS forward and reverse records, which are marked differently to show the distinction. Hostnames that have no associated forward records, or IP addresses with no reverse records, are marked as unresolved. Nodes are marked according to their type: IP address, hostname, or queried resource (source).

The DNS Chain widget can be found under the "DNS" tab when querying for a hostname or IP address.

RIPE Atlas Measurement Targets

We recently integrated RIPE Atlas data into RIPEstat with a widget that shows whether any RIPE Atlas probes exist within the geographical region associated with an Internet number resource. Now we also show whether any RIPE Atlas user-defined measurements are targeting those probes in the new RIPE Atlas Measurement Targets widget.

Results are displayed in a table that describes each RIPE Atlas user-defined measurement taking place. Measurement IDs link to the RIPE Atlas page for each specific measurement, the measurement type is displayed, and Target IPs link to more information on the given address in RIPEstat, while the graph icons allow logged-in users see an example of the most recent result of each measurement.

The RIPE Atlas Measurement Targets widget can be found under the "Activity" tab when querying for an ASN, IP prefix or IP address.

RIPE Atlas Measurement Targets widget Figure 3: The new RIPE Atlas Measurement Targets widget

Changes to Widgets

The Visibility widget no longer displays a map; instead, the results are displayed in a tabular format.

Mobile Website

We have developed a new site tailored specifically for mobile users, which lets users choose from the full list of RIPEstat widgets and displays each widget in a simplified format on its own dedicated page.

The mobile site is available at Give it a try and let us know what you think.

Re-released App

We released a new version of the RIPEstat app available for Apple users that is fully iOS 6.1 ready. The new version includes three new plugins: Address Space Hierarchy, Abuse Contact Finder and Routing History. In addition, all plugins were upgraded to use the latest version of the RIPEstat data API. You can find more information on the RIPEstat Mobile page.

The RIPEstat app is available from the Apple iTunes Store.

Join Us at RIPE 66!

We hope to see you at the RIPE 66 Meeting in Dublin in May, where you'll have a chance to meet some of the RIPEstat developers face to face and ask questions, request new features, and give us your feedback.

We'll also be presenting the latest RIPEstat demo to show you the latest developments and new functionality. Find out more about RIPE 66 .


We want to hear from you! You can offer feedback on RIPEstat anytime through one of our dedicated channels:

  • The comment box on the RIPEstat website allows you to post comments if you are a registered RIPE NCC member
  • The feedback button at the top right corner of each of the RIPEstat widgets
  • The Measurement Analysis and Tools (MAT) working group mailing list allows for more in-depth discussions
  • Private feedback can be sent to stat [at] ripe [dot] net

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