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RIPEstat December Update

Suzanne Taylor
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We've got some new features coming soon and so we want to wait until January before doing the next RIPEstat demo, but in the meantime there have been some developments we wanted to share with you, including a few new widgets, the new text service, support for single IP address querying, and information about when database objects were last updated.

Introduction to RIPEstat

RIPEstat is a toolbox that presents all available information about Internet number resources in a single, consolidated web-based interface. It retrieves data from the RIPE NCC's data sets as well as from external sources. Stat stands for statistics and status - stat . It is a work in progress, and is being developed in cooperation with our users. Regular demos and updates provide information about new functionality.

New RIPE Atlas Widget

RIPEstat users can now access data from RIPE Atlas , our global active Internet measurement network. The new RIPE Atlas Probes widget displays how many RIPE Atlas probes are (dis)connected within an AS Number or IPv4/IPv6 prefix. Users can also query the widget for (alpha-2 or alpha-3) ISO country codes to see existing probes in that country. The new RIPE Atlas Probes widget is found under the new "Activity" tab.

RIPEstat RIPE Atlas widget Figure 1: The new RIPE Atlas Probes widget

New Text Service

Many of you asked us for an alternative text-based interface, and we recently developed the RIPEstat Text Service , which offers the same consolidated, useful information about IP addresses and Autonomous System Numbers as the regular web interface, but is designed for users who prefer to use a command-line program and are interested in including RIPEstat data in their own scripts.

With the text service, users can also customise the open source code for their own needs, such as creating their own widget, and share their contributions with the rest of the RIPEstat community.

Learn more about the RIPEstat Text Service on RIPE Labs .

Single IP Address Query

Until recently, queries for a single IP address were converted to a /32, which sometimes led to non-logical results. Now RIPEstat users can query for a single address and receive more relevant results, properly formatted for each widget.

'Last Updated' Information

One of the features that RIPEstat users have asked for most frequently is to see information about when a resource number was last updated. The RIPEstat development team listened to your requests, and have now made "last updated" information available for all of the whois-like data, such as the Registry Browser (formerly called the Object Browser), Whois Matches, Address Space Usage and Address Space Hierarchy widgets.

RIPEstat last updated Figure 2: An example of the "Last updated" feature as displayed on the Whois Matches widget

Monitoring the Syrian Internet Outage

When the Syrian Internet went down in late November, the RIPEstat team sprang into action and developed the Syrian Internet Monitor widget, which displayed the frequency of BGP update and withdrawal messages for all address space assigned or allocated to organisations in Syria. The widget also allowed anyone interested to see when Internet activity started up again in the region. We plan on making a more generic version of this widget available in the future for other countries. Read more about the widget and the Syrian Internet outage on RIPE Labs .

Syria Internet Monitor Figure 3: The RIPEstat team developed a widget in response to the Syrian Internet outage


We want to hear from you! You can offer feedback on RIPEstat at any time through one of our dedicated channels:

  • The comment box on the RIPEstat website allows you to post comments if you are a registered RIPE NCC member
  • The feedback button on the RIPEstat widgets
  • The Measurement Analysis and Tools (MAT) working group mailing list allows for more in-depth discussions
  • Private feedback can be sent to stat [at] ripe [dot] net

Next Demo

The next actual RIPEstat demo will be in January 2013.


Videos of previous RIPEstat demos and other RIPEstat movies are available on the RIPE NCC YouTube channel (look for the RIPEstat playlist).

Other articles about RIPEstat are also available, along with summaries of previous demos:


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