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Does The Internet Route Around Damage? - Edition 2021

Emile Aben

On 23 March 2021, LINX London experienced an outage. As this is one of the very large Internet Exchange Points, this is an interesting case to study in more depth in order to see what we can learn about Internet robustness.

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Measuring DNS over TLS from the Edge: Adoption, Reliability and Response Times

Trinh Viet Doan

DNS over TLS (DoT) is an extension to the DNS over UDP/53 (Do53) protocol, which provides additional confidentiality to the DNS messages between client and server. Since its standardisation in RFC7858 in 2016, DoT has gained increasing support by various DNS services as well as operating systems. …

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Splitting the Ping

Ben Cartwright-Cox

Pings provide a simple measure of how long it takes to get there and back across the Internet. What's not so simple is working out how long the trip there took versus the trip back. In this guest post, Ben Cox introduces a method for splitting the ping.

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Trufflehunter: A New Tool to Sniff Out DNS Usage

Audrey Randall

Measuring domain usage on centralised public DNS resolvers can be very useful, but it's also pretty hard to do. Trufflehunter is a new open source tool that puts snooping techniques to good use in order to accurately estimate the popularity of domains.

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Data Feminism: From Data Ethics to Data Justice

Vesna Manojlovic

For International Women’s Day, Vesna Manojlovic has been looking into data justice from an intersectional feminism perspective. Read how the RIPE community can benefit from involving users in the design processes for collecting, storing and visualising data.

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RIPE Atlas Big Data is Back

The start of 2021 saw RIPE Atlas users encountering delays in data retrieval and an overall drop in the responsiveness of the system. Now that things are back to normal, we thought we’d take a more detailed look at what happened and the steps we’re taking to prevent it from happening again.

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Tracking RPKI Repository Performance with a RIPE Atlas Measurement Bundle

Emile Aben

In this post we introduce a wiki to document RIPE Atlas measurements better. We use the measurements we created to track RPKI Repository Performance to show how this is useful.

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Live Blogging from FOSDEM2021

Vesna Manojlovic

FOSDEM is the largest European Free and Open Source Software developers conference. During the first weekend of February, thousands of volunteers flock to Brussels... but in 2021, as any other event, it has gone virtual. I am participating and want to share my impressions with the RIPE community in…

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10 years of NLNOG RING

Martin Pels

NLNOG RING allows engineers to access other networks securely so they can collect troubleshooting data without having to wait for the other side. Ten years after its launch, Martin Pels takes a look back on how the project came to be and how it evolved over the past decade.

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Address Assignment Practices in IPv4 and IPv6

Stephen Strowes

In prior work, we've studied IPv4 allocation patterns in domestic ISPs. Time has passed, and IPv6 adoption has continued, so in this article we review our current observations on IPv4 and IPv6 assignment practices.

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