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ERRANT: Realistic Emulation of Radio Access Networks

Danilo Giordano

Mobile networks have become ubiquitous, offering connectivity performance from slow connections up to speeds comparable with broadband connections. Having tools to emulate such variability correctly is paramount to test new protocols and applications before publicly releasing them.

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Fragmentation, Truncation, and Timeouts: Are Large DNS Messages Falling to Bits?

Giovane Moura

How much of a problem are large DNS responses over UDP in the wild?

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IPv6 Adoption in 2021

Stephen Strowes

As part of our ongoing efforts to chart the rise and rise of IPv6, we’ve been looking into the difference between average IPv6 capability per country over a few days in June 2020 versus the most recent similar averages for 2021.

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A Tour of the New RIPEstat UI

Stephen Suess

The new RIPEstat UI brings big changes to the look and feel of RIPEstat. It presents an updated, clean, responsive design built on a modern framework and comes equipped with a whole host of new features. In this article, we explore all these features and improvements.

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NetForecast Uses RIPE Atlas to Perform Network Latency Benchmarking

Alan Jones

The NetForecast 2020 Internet Latency Benchmark Report scores and ranks Internet latency performance across major US cities and ISPs. Drawing on RIPE Atlas, the report provides a “user's eye” perspective on performance in terms of latency, latency consistency, and near/far latency bias.

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Improvements to the RIPE Atlas Datasets on Google BigQuery

Stephen Strowes

We've been using Google's BigQuery platform for ongoing operational tasks and research questions, and we've got a little more experience under our belts. We're improving the ways we expose public data on the platform.

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Deploying a RIPE Atlas Probe Software via PPP

In this article, Aris Tzermias demonstrates how you can deploy a RIPE Atlas software probe isolated from your private network using a dedicated PPP connection with your Internet Service Provider.

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Now There's an Idea - Research Pitches from Our R&D Team

Robert Kisteleki

One of the tasks of the R&D team here at the RIPE NCC is to come up with, evaluate, and execute new ideas for research topics and tools that can be of good use to the community. In this article, we're starting an experiment to expose some of these ideas to the community, in order to find interested…

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Surrounded by the Clouds: A Comprehensive Cloud Reachability Study

Lorenzo Corneo

In our cloud reachability study, we performed extensive global client-to-cloud latency measurements towards 189 datacenters from nine major cloud providers using 8,000+ RIPE Atlas probes. Our goal was to evaluate the suitability of modern cloud environments for latency-sensitive applications. Here,…

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An Eventful Ten Years in RIPEstat

Alun Davies

Since its inception, RIPEstat has been helping network operators and end users monitor the state of the Internet. Ten years on, we look back at some of the ways RIPEstat enabled us to get a clearer picture of how the Internet fared in the event of outages, blackouts, natural disasters, and Nyan Cat.

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