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Improvements to the RIPE Atlas Datasets on Google BigQuery

Stephen Strowes

We've been using Google's BigQuery platform for ongoing operational tasks and research questions, and we've got a little more experience under our belts. We're improving the ways we expose public data on the platform.

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SCION - A Novel Internet Architecture

David Hausheer

At RIPE 81, a group of enthusiastic researchers and practitioners from industry and academia discussed with the RIPE community what role RIRs and LIRs could take on in the SCION next-generation Internet architecture. More than 80 BoF participants discussed this question, wanting to learn more about…

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Now There's an Idea - Research Pitches from Our R&D Team

Robert Kisteleki

One of the tasks of the R&D team here at the RIPE NCC is to come up with, evaluate, and execute new ideas for research topics and tools that can be of good use to the community. In this article, we're starting an experiment to expose some of these ideas to the community, in order to find interested…

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Surrounded by the Clouds: A Comprehensive Cloud Reachability Study

Lorenzo Corneo

In our cloud reachability study, we performed extensive global client-to-cloud latency measurements towards 189 datacenters from nine major cloud providers using 8,000+ RIPE Atlas probes. Our goal was to evaluate the suitability of modern cloud environments for latency-sensitive applications. Here,…

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RPKI Repositories and the RIPE Database in the Cloud

Felipe Victolla Silveira

The RIPE NCC provides mission critical services to the Internet community which require a solid technical foundation. This article explains how we plan to use cloud infrastructure as a means to that end. We outline some of the risks that must be accounted for, and describe the target architectures …

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Artificial Intelligence and Policy-Making Developments – Council of Europe’s CAHAI

Athina Fragkouli

As the first in a series of articles aimed at exploring how policy-making institutions are reacting to challenges posed by Artificial Intelligence (AI), we look at how the Council of Europe seeks to examine the feasibility of a legal framework for the development, design and application of AI.

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Measuring DNS over TLS from the Edge: Adoption, Reliability and Response Times

Trinh Viet Doan

DNS over TLS (DoT) is an extension to the DNS over UDP/53 (Do53) protocol, which provides additional confidentiality to the DNS messages between client and server. Since its standardisation in RFC7858 in 2016, DoT has gained increasing support by various DNS services as well as operating systems. …

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Trufflehunter: A New Tool to Sniff Out DNS Usage

Audrey Randall

Measuring domain usage on centralised public DNS resolvers can be very useful, but it's also pretty hard to do. Trufflehunter is a new open source tool that puts snooping techniques to good use in order to accurately estimate the popularity of domains.

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Live Blogging from FOSDEM2021

Vesna Manojlovic

FOSDEM is the largest European Free and Open Source Software developers conference. During the first weekend of February, thousands of volunteers flock to Brussels... but in 2021, as any other event, it has gone virtual. I am participating and want to share my impressions with the RIPE community in…

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Remote Chaos Experience 2020

Vesna Manojlovic

There is a substantial overlap between RIPE and CCC communities. In this post, I highlight talks from the most recent event that might be inspirational and useful to our readers.

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