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Human Rights Are Not a Bug

Niels ten Oever

The Internet plays a crucial role in our increasingly digital daily lives. But who shapes and governs the patchwork that enables this essential utility? And how do their actions bear on the rights and interests of users all over the world?

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Exploring RIPE Atlas Traceroutes from 2012 to 2019

Nevil Brownlee

This analysis of RIPE Atlas traceroutes for days in 2012, 2015, 2017 and 2019 displays full network graphs for each successive half-hour and develops an algorithm for finding node or edge outages of an hour or more.

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RIPE NCC and the Cloud: Draft Principles, Requirements and Strategy Framework

Felipe Victolla Silveira

Our draft cloud strategy framework is an attempt to bring everything together in a way that sets out some boundaries, identifies critical elements, and indicates where we need to be strict vs where we can afford to be a little more relaxed. This should hopefully support more clarity regarding how w…

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RIPE NCC Internet Country Report: Mediterranean Europe

Suzanne Taylor

We take a comprehensive look at five different countries in Mediterranean Europe as the next in our series of RIPE NCC Internet Country Reports.

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RIPE NCC and the Cloud: Let’s Start Again

Felipe Victolla Silveira

The community’s reaction to our cloud proposal at RIPE 82 was stronger than we expected. We think it’s worth re-starting this discussion, and the first step is to check that we’ve heard you correctly.

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ERRANT: Realistic Emulation of Radio Access Networks

Danilo Giordano

Mobile networks have become ubiquitous, offering connectivity performance from slow connections up to speeds comparable with broadband connections. Having tools to emulate such variability correctly is paramount to test new protocols and applications before publicly releasing them.

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Fragmentation, Truncation, and Timeouts: Are Large DNS Messages Falling to Bits?

Giovane Moura

How much of a problem are large DNS responses over UDP in the wild?

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IPv6 Adoption in 2021

Stephen Strowes

As part of our ongoing efforts to chart the rise and rise of IPv6, we’ve been looking into the difference between average IPv6 capability per country over a few days in June 2020 versus the most recent similar averages for 2021.

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Future Internet at Terabit Speeds: SCION in P4

Joeri de Ruiter

As part of the 2STiC programme, we’ve been evaluating and experimenting with future Internet architectures at SIDN Labs. One of these architectures is SCION, which aims to provide a secure, stable, transparent Internet through secure inter-domain routing and path-aware networking. In this article, …

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Of Donkeys, Mules and Horses - Store and Retrieve IP Prefixes Efficiently

Jasper den Hertog

Store and retrieve a full table of IP Prefixes while maintaining hierarchical relations. Jasper den Hertog from NLnet Labs talks about the best data-structure for the job, implemented in Rust.

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