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How NOG Communities Can Help During COVID-19

Mirjam Kühne — 17 Mar 2020
The good folks of the network operators forum in the UK (UKNOF) have created a spreadsheet that lists various volunteer services and offerings to support people through COVID-19. If you would like to list your local Network Operators Group (NOG) initiative, get in touch! And please spread the word!


The UKNOF community has taken the initiative of creating a spreadsheet that lists various volunteer services and offerings by individual community members to help out. View this Google sheet listing to see how the UKNOF community can help.

Are you or your local NOG also offering support? Let us know on labs _at_ ripe _dot_ net so that we can add your listing to this page.

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Vesna Manojlovic says:
18 Mar, 2020 10:12 AM
I'd like to share the global coordination effort: listing of the engineering groups that are working on solving some aspect of the COVID-19 crisis: "List of Engineering COVID Groups":[…]/edit#gid=0

Examples: sharing of the Best Current Practices handbooks; discussion groups; maker-spaces for open-source 3D printing of ventilator hardware; hackathons; regional cross-connections...

Please add your efforts or events to that list!

And thanks, Emile Aben, for sharing this link with me. Credit where the credit is due...
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