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We support the creation of Network Operator Groups (NOGs) across our service region and act as a resource centre for NOGs all over the world.

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How the RIPE NCC Can Help Network Operator Groups

The RIPE NCC provides funding through sponsorship for local NOGs and has sent staff to speak or attend at a wide range of local community events in our service region. We believe that these efforts bring great value for the Internet community, as it helps the community in each country to develop in its own way while at the same time bringing a more regional or global viewpoint that can inform that local community.

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All We Saw at SEE 11

Anastasiya Pak

On 4-5 April, the South East Europe (SEE) Internet community gathered in the coastal town of Split, Croatia - the same country where we held the first SEE meeting over a decade ago. Over 100 participants from 19 countries joined to discuss developments in IPv6, BGP security, DNS, peering, IXPs, and…

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Branimir Rajtar

It all started with a message on IRC asking, why doesn’t Croatia have its own NOG? Good question, we thought! In this article, we look at the steps we took last year to launch NOG.HR and hold our first NOG event.

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Network Operator Groups in the RIPE Region

Alastair Strachan

Network Operator Groups (NOGs) are an essential part of the Internet community, carrying out a similar function to the RIPE community on a national or local level. We look at the results of a recent survey we carried out to learn more about how NOGs are keeping local Internet communities connected.

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An Introduction to IRR Explorer

Teun Vink

In this article we take a look at how IRR explorer can be used to analyse and improve routing, IRR registrations, and RPKI configurations by looking at a number of real world examples.

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Keep Ukraine Connected

Alun Davies

The Global NOG Alliance is actively working to help keep the Ukrainian Internet connected. On 13 April, they delivered their first shipment of vital hardware into the country. I caught up with the team to talk about how the first delivery went, how this got started, and what's coming next.

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virtualUKNOF March 2022 Event Report

Leo Vegoda

virtualUKNOF took place on 1 March 2022. Looking back at lessons learnt from hybrid industry events over the past year, the panel explored the technical, social, and organisational impact of enabling people to participate in events together both online or in person.

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The IRNOG4 Meeting

Milad Afshari

The fourth IRNOG meeting was held on 3 February 2022 at the Conference Center of the Industrial Management Organisation in Tehran, Iran. It brought together about 200 experts to exchange views and share experiences.

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NOGs on NOGs

Alun Davies

The RIPE NCC recently held two Open House events to bring together people who help organise NOGs, which bring together people who help operate the Internet in particular parts the world.

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The UKNOF BCOP for Virtual Events

Denesh Bhabuta

Denesh Bhabuta and Leo Vegoda look back over how UKNOF’s team of volunteers transformed its events from physical meetings to online events. Read on for a useful list of lessons learned and what the authors think of as the ‘virtual event BCOP’ for other organisers.

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