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We support the creation of Network Operator Groups (NOGs) across our service region and act as a resource centre for NOGs all over the world.

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How the RIPE NCC Can Help Network Operator Groups

The RIPE NCC provides funding through sponsorship for local NOGs and has sent staff to speak or attend at a wide range of local community events in our service region. We believe that these efforts bring great value for the Internet community, as it helps the community in each country to develop in its own way while at the same time bringing a more regional or global viewpoint that can inform that local community.

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NOGs on NOGs

Alun Davies

The RIPE NCC recently held two Open House events to bring together people who help organise NOGs, which bring together people who help operate the Internet in particular parts the world.

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The UKNOF BCOP for Virtual Events

Denesh Bhabuta

Denesh Bhabuta and Leo Vegoda look back over how UKNOF’s team of volunteers transformed its events from physical meetings to online events. Read on for a useful list of lessons learned and what the authors think of as the ‘virtual event BCOP’ for other organisers.

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NLNOG Day 2021 - Live and in Person from Amsterdam

Nathalie Trenaman

Organising a Network Operator Group event is challenging at the best of times. After all, we're technical people, not event organisers. But organising a "hybrid" NOG meeting during a global pandemic has been our biggest challenge yet. In this article, we explain why we did it, how it went, and what…

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Instant Messengers for Network Operator Groups

Alex Semenyaka

Alex Semenyaka takes a look at why and how Network Operator Groups (NOGs) in the RIPE NCC service region are turning to Instant Messengers as their first choice for communication.

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10 years of NLNOG RING

Martin Pels

NLNOG RING allows engineers to access other networks securely so they can collect troubleshooting data without having to wait for the other side. Ten years after its launch, Martin Pels takes a look back on how the project came to be and how it evolved over the past decade.

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DKNOG10: How COVID-19 Crashed our Ten Year Anniversary

We had the most unfortunate timing possible regarding our last event, DKNOG10.

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How NOG Communities Can Help During COVID-19

Mirjam Kühne

The good folks of the network operators forum in the UK (UKNOF) have created a spreadsheet that lists various volunteer services and offerings to support people through COVID-19. If you would like to list your local Network Operators Group (NOG) initiative, get in touch! And please spread the word!

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Focus on Portugal

In this article, ahead of this week's PTNOG meeting, we take a look at what our data tells us about Portugal in terms of membership development, IPv6 adoption and routing.

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MENOG: What Has Changed and Why?

Hisham Ibrahim

The Middle East Network Operators Group (MENOG) Meeting & Peering Forum will be held on 3-4 April 2019 in Beirut, Lebanon. The Forum brings together key Internet players from all over the world, making this event the largest non-commercial, technical, educational and community-oriented activity in …

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Routing Security is Hot!

Melchior Aelmans

Routing security is important and it is great to see that it is now on the agenda of many network operators. We're going to organise an RPKI signing party to further increase deployment.

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