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Ihor Marhitych — 10 Sep 2019
A list of prototype tools and visualisations we are currently working on. Play with them, see what they can do, and please leave your feedback on how you'd like to see them developed in the future.
IXP Country Jedi

IXP Country Jedi provides visualisations of Internet traffic paths (traceroutes) between RIPE Atlas probes located in the same country to show whether those paths take out of country detours, and what IXPs they pass through.


RIPE IPmap is the RIPE NCC’s tool for mapping core Internet infrastructure. Through collaboration with various researchers, RIPE IPmap integrates several ground breaking methods for geolocation whilst also using crowd-sourced data to modify and correct its results.

User to User Connections

These visualisations sketch out the different ways in which end-users are interconnected within the same country. Each sketch represents a snapshot of user to user connections at a single given point in time to provide insight into how networks interconnect their users.

RIS Live

RIS Live is a feed that offers BGP messages in real-time. It collects information from the RIS Route Collectors (RRCs) and uses a WebSocket JSON API to monitor and detect routing events around the world. A non-interactive full stream ("firehose") is also available.

RPKI Webtest

RPKI Webtest lets you quickly figure out if a network you are using is dropping RPKI invalid BGP announcements. Try it now.

RIPE Atlas Population Coverage

This is a prototype web portal, which demonstrates the deployment of RIPE Atlas probes within eyeball networks based on Internet user population estimates per Autonomous System Number (ASN) per country.

IPv6 RIPEness

Pv6 RIPEness is a rating system which awards stars to RIPE NCC members depending on indicators of IPv6 preparedness

IPv6 enabled ASNs

This graph shows the percentage of networks (ASes) that announce an IPv6 prefix for a specified list of countries or groups of countries.

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