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Reverse DNS Outage for Out-of-Region Address Space
Anand Buddhdev — 07 Apr 2017

On Thursday 16 March 2017, at around 20:00 UTC, a bug in a script caused an outage for some reverse DNS delegations registered in the RIPE Database. The effects of the bug were not immediate, but began a cascading failure, that persisted until 18:00 UTC on Friday 17 March. In the following article, you will find more information about what happened.… Read more

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Look Up!
Look Up!
Geoff Huston — 07 Apr 2017

Far from being a vibrant environment with an array of competitive offerings, the activity of providing so-called “last mile” Internet access appears to have been reduced to an environment where, in many markets, a small number of access providers appear to operate in a manner that resembles a cosy cartel, strenuously resisting the imposition of harsher strictures of true competition.… Read more