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RIPE NCC Active Measurements of World IPv6 Launch Dataset
Bert Wijnen — 27 Jul 2012

As part of our Data Repository, the RIPE NCC has released a new dataset. This dataset contains DNS lookups (A+AAAA), ping/ping6, traceroute/traceroute6 and HTTP fetches (IPv4/IPv6) from 53 vantage points (TTM, CAIDA Ark and others) to 60 websites involved in World IPv6 Launch. The data covers the period from 2012-05-19T00:00 to 2012-06-18T00:00 (UTC). … Read more

RIPE Atlas - A Case Study of IPv6 /48 Filtering
Emile Aben — 26 Jul 2012

In this article I look at four different IPv6 destinations in different BGP set-ups and how these are seen by RIPE Atlas probes. This reveals some differences in reachability for the different networks, likely due to BGP route filtering. We see roughly 1% out of ~500 RIPE Atlas probes that can't reach a destination in an IPv6 /48 prefix (without a covering shorter prefix) out of IPv6 PA space, likely due to filtering.… Read more

RIR Prefix Size Distribution in RIPEstat
RIR Prefix Size Distribution in RIPEstat
Vesna Manojlovic — 20 Jul 2012

An alternative way of looking at the prefix size distribution in IPv4 and IPv6 blocks is now available in RIPEstat as an interactive widget. Tabular visualisation and cumulative percentage representation can be used for filtering based on minimum allocation size or for general research about the usage of address space. … Read more

Measuring IPv6 Connectivity with RIPE Atlas - How Do Others See Your IPv6 Network?
Measuring IPv6 Connectivity with RIPE Atlas - How Do Others See Your IPv6 Network?
Emile Aben — 17 Jul 2012

We've enabled RIPE NCC members to do IPv6-traceroutes from all RIPE Atlas probes to IPv6 destinations. Until now they could get the raw analysis results (text/JSON representations of traceroute results) for analysis. In this article we present a first experimental analysis and visualisation of the traceroute results.… Read more