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RIPE Atlas Terms and Conditions for Anchor Hosts
Vesna Manojlovic — 03 Oct 2013

RIPE Atlas anchors is transitioning from a pilot project to a production service. As such, we want to clarify the terms and conditions that describe the use of the service and spell out both the user's and the RIPE NCC's obligations. Here we present a draft of these documents and ask for feedback, as we want to ensure we keep the community involved in every step of the process.… Read more

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RIPE Atlas - Packet Size Matters
RIPE Atlas - Packet Size Matters
Emile Aben — 02 Oct 2013

This new RIPE Labs article talks about trying to send large packets over the Internet. Above a certain size, these packets will have to be fragmented, which is known to cause problems. In both IPv4 and IPv6, we see approximately 10% of RIPE Atlas probes that are unsuccessful in pings with fragmented packets, while they don't encounter problems with smaller unfragmented packets. … Read more

Valuing IP Addresses
Geoff Huston — 25 Sep 2013

The prospect of exhaustion of the IPv4 address space is not a surprise. We've been anticipating this situation since at least 1990. But it's a "lumpy" form of exhaustion. It's not the case that the scarcity pressures for IP addresses are evidently to the same level in every part of the Internet. It's not the case that every single address is being used by an active device.… Read more

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Visualising Bandwidth Capacity and Network Activity in RIPEstat Using M-Lab Data
Visualising Bandwidth Capacity and Network Activity in RIPEstat Using M-Lab Data
Vasco Asturiano — 09 Sep 2013

As a result of the cooperation between the RIPE NCC and Measurement Lab (M-Lab), you can now visualise the bandwidth profiles and network activity of IP prefixes and individual countries. This is provided as RIPEstat widgets using data collected by the M-Lab platform. See below for details about the measurement methodology and relevant use cases.… Read more