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The QoS Emperor's Wardrobe
Geoff Huston — 24 Jun 2012

In the process of revising the International Telecommunications Regulations, it has been suggested to base a new IP interconnection framework on the concept of end-to-end Quality of Service. This raises a question in my head: How "real" is end-to-end Quality of Service in the Internet?… Read more

Tags: policy
Changes to RIPE Atlas Raw Data Structure
Changes to RIPE Atlas Raw Data Structure
Ann Barcomb — 18 Jun 2012

With the introduction of a new firmware version for RIPE Atlas probes, the structure of the measurement results will be changing. Anyone making use of the raw results is advised to read about these upcoming changes and to subscribe to our RSS feed or subscribe to our mailing list to be notified of future firmware releases.… Read more

Tags: atlas