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RightsCon 2017 Day Two

Vesna Manojlovic — 30 Mar 2017
Thursday, 30 March 2017 - Live blogging from RightsCon in Brussels, Day Two.
Greetings from Brussels!
In order to keep the RIPE community informed, I will be reporting from the RightsCon - an event that "bring together 1,200+ attendees from 80 countries with 500+ organisations, tech companies, universities, startups, and governments represented." See more details in this article: Live Blogging from RightsCon , and also the report from the Day One
Webcast: RightsCon Brussels 2017 livestream is here:

Free Expression, Technology, and Political Change

Questions to ask, if we are in a place / situation where we want to cooperate: 

  • How can we help?
  • How do we hold ourselves accountable?
  • Ask questions that were written locally

Corporate Sponsorship of Conferences: Ethics and Independence 

Very interesting session that brought around the table all actors: corporations and NGOs and conferences organisers and activists. Other important points came up: Code of Conduct, transparent Funding Policy for events and NGOs, independent Programme Committee for choosing talks based on their merit. 

 After Lunch


Morning: Costs of Internet Shutdowns 

First morning session of my choice is about #KeepItOn panel, moderated by GNI: Global Network Initiative - Protecting and Advancing Freedom of Expression and Privacy in Information and Communications Technologies.


For the actual live tweeting, follow Kathleen Ndongo: 

Promoting RIPE Atlas  

There is a lot of interest in how RIPE Atlas data can be used to measure Internet reachability or shutdowns. 

Here are some references to where to get more information: 




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