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RIPE Atlas

Mihnea-Costin Grigore — Oct 2010
This page contains all information related to the active measurements network, RIPE Atlas.

Learn more about the RIPE Atlas active measurements network.

You can also find a collection of use cases, reviews and other articles written by RIPE Atlas users.

Measuring your Web Server Reachability with TCP Ping
Measuring your Web Server Reachability with TCP Ping
Rene Wilhelm — 27 Sep 2017

HTTP measurements from RIPE Atlas probes are only possible towards RIPE Atlas anchors. However, when it comes to measuring the connectivity and latency of web servers on the network level, an alternative exists, which we call TCP Ping: a traceroute with special options that mimic the TCP handshake that takes place when an HTTP connection is established. In this article we compare the results of large scale HTTP and TCP Ping measurements. … Read more

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