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Giovane is a Data Scientist with SIDN Labs (.nl registry) and Guest Researcher at TU Delft, in the Netherlands. He works on security and Internet measurements research projects. Prior to SIDN, he worked as a Postdoctoral Researcher at Delft University of Technology, in The Netherlands. He obtained his Ph.D. degree with Prof. Aiko Pras at the University of Twente, also in the Netherlands, with focus on both active and passive Internet measurements. His research interests include Internet Measurements, Management, Security and Machine Learning applications. You can reach him at

E-gov DNS: Are They Redundant Enough?

Electronic government (e-gov) lets citizens interact with their government via the Internet. The DNS, which maps e-gov domain names to Internet addresses, underpins e-gov. Working with the University of Twente and NCSC-NL, SIDN Labs compare the resiliency and redundancy of e-gov domains for the Net…

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Unpacking RFC 9199: Considerations for Large Authoritative Server Operators

RFC 9199 puts forward six considerations for large authoritative DNS server operators each derived from peer-reviewed research. Giovane Moura from SIDN Labs walks us through the list of considerations and the experience he and his co-authors had with the RFC process.

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DNS Vulnerability, Configuration Errors That Can Cause DDoS

Last year we discovered a DNS vulnerability that, combined with a configuration error, can lead to massive DNS traffic surges. Since then, we've studied it carefully, carried out responsible disclosure, helped large operators as Google and Cisco in fixing their services, and submitted an Internet D…

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How Centralised is DNS Traffic Becoming?

There have been growing concerns over the last few years about the excessive concentration of control over the Internet's markets and infrastructure — what is commonly referred to as Internet centralisation. In this article, Giovane Moura talks about how he and his colleagues have been measuring ce…

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