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The Event-Organising Tools We Use - You Can Use Them Too!

Adam Castle
Contributors: Ihor Marhitych, František Holop, Marita Phelan, Oliver Payne

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We’ve open-sourced and documented some of the tools we use at our events. You can download and reuse these tools for your own event. We hope you find them useful.

Please note: Some of these tools are fully developed by the RIPE NCC but some are open-sourced and are collaborated on by the community.

Meeting Support Plugin

When to use it?

To gather and review talks and presentations

What is it?

A Wordpress (PHP) plugin that is used on our RIPE Meeting and ENOG sites. This is a highly evolved tool that includes:

  • A PC Submission System (PCSS), which allows you to:
    • Set up a form for suggested talks
    • Rate submitted talks
    • Email authors of submissions
  • The Meeting Presentation System, which:
    • Lets you create an agenda from the administration interface
    • Syncs with the webstream recording files

Fobi (Dynamic Form Building Tool)

When to use it?

To gather a wide range of simple data in one place

What is it?

A Django (Python)-based dynamic form building tool. We’ve used this extendable form-creation tool to create forms for such things as the RIPE Fellowship and our Hackathon events. Over the last few months, we contributed substantially to this tool

The application:

  • Creates an easy way of capturing a wide range of data
  • Provides extremely configurable form options, including invisible captchas and automatic form closing times
  • Allows for JSON, ZIP or CSV export of the data 

Web Stream Recorder

When to use it?

If you have your own video feed and want to edit (or cut) the videos live for instant video files

What is it?

A Django (Python)-based RTSP video stream saver. You can cut live video feeds and easily sync with the Meeting Support Plugin. This is used to display the edited video files online as soon as the presenter walks off the stage.

Conference Mobile App

When to use it?

When you want your users to connect via a browser or mobile-based application

What is it?

The RIPE Networking App is a fork of the Ionic Conference App. This is a good starting point to create your own conference app in Ionic (Angular). You can create and display meeting schedules and information about the conference. Please note that the push notification service is not included in this source code.

What next?

We hope you find these tools as useful as we do when running our events. We are actively contributing on these projects and helping them to develop. We hope to open-source the RIPE Forum in the next few months. If you have any requests for the tools you've seen us use, please let us know in the comments below.

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