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With over 18 years' experience in Communications, Business Development, Marketing, Branding, and operation management related to Internet & Telecom, I joined RIPE NCC in 2014 as Regional Communication Manager for Middle East region. I'm member at the order of Engineers in Lebanon and member in the working group for the creation of Lebanese Internet Center - LINC. I served as member at Arab IGF Multistakeholder Advisory Group (2011-2013) and chaired the Communication Group for the Arab Regional Working Party (ARWP) for private sector at the International Telecommunication Union (2006-2010). Before Joining RIPE NCC, I occupied the position of Market Communications Manager for Internet & Telecom activities at Al-Iktissad Wal-Aamal group (2003 - 2014) and Regional Communications Manager at Ericsson (1999-2002) supporting the Central Europe, Middle East and North Africa markets. I will defend my Doctoral thesis, with "Internet Governance" as a topic in May 2018, at Staffordshire University in UK. Holding a Master in Business Administration and Telecom Engineering diploma from France.

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Creating the Demand for IPv6 in Lebanon

Supporting IPv6 deployment involves working with many different stakeholders. We wanted to outline some of our recent activity in Lebanon to show how this can work in practice.

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