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VP of 6connect Labs; Global NOG Alliance (GNA) co-founder and board member; SINOG chairman; SEE10 PC chairman; RIPE PC vice-chair; IPv6 consultant and long time promotor

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• On Measuring Routing (In)security by Andrei Robachevsky

The RIPE BCOP Task Force just published in cooperation with RIPE Routing WG a nice Best Current Operational Practice document about MANRS that I think you should read if you are interested in this topic. Cheers, Jan Žorž

• Reply to Per Jessen on Introducing NAT64 Checker by Jan Zorz

“The two sites mentioned above, and do not deliver the same result for”

Different vantage points, different result. Now you need to figure out what is wrong from Sander's lab visibility point of view ;)

• Reply to John Baird on Introducing NAT64 Checker by Jan Zorz

“I cannot find a DNS entry for, so I cannot use it for testing. Is this expected?”


• On The First Iranian NOG - IRNOG1 by Milad Afshari

Excellent, well done, congratulations! I hope we'll sone receive the notification about next IRNOG meeting ;)

• Reply to Ross Chandler on Introducing NAT64 Checker by Jan Zorz

“Unfortunately the Windows 10 support for 464XLAT is only where the device has a Wireless WAN (3GPP) interface. As far as I can see there's no good reason to restrict this functionality that way. If Windows 10 running desktops and laptops with wired or WiFi interfaces had it they could control the CLATs activation by checking for the presence of a working NAT64. The Network operator could control its activation by advertising DNS64 recursive DNS servers.”

Indeed... Android fires up CLAT interface independent on what interface is IPv6-only - it can be 3gpp or wifi... :)

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